Metal Scrap Recycle

happy earthWhen an old appliance breaks and can’t be repaired, like your TV or washer, instead of throwing it in the trash, look into recycling your scrap metal. Recycling scrap metal is profitable in many ways, not just to the industries, but even to your own pocket! It also would help reserve the Earth’s natural resources and reduces pollution and toxic materials in the environment.

Sense the Industrial Revolution, natural resources have been accumulated at an alarming rate, causing human kinds Ecological Footprint to grow well beyond Earths reproduction rate. Mining has defiantly made large scaring to the planet, creating pits that reach miles into the ground and miles across, all for the harvesting of iron ore and other metals to greet the demands for products in our everyday lives. The amount of fossil fuels that are used in mining and manufacturing of metal is extremely high, causing a lot of pollution to the air and ground water, mining has risks of poisonous run-offs and environment destruction, making the land unusable for any other use than a landfill or lake. Yet, households and landfills are brimming with reusable resources that are no longer being used and could be recycled, not only would that put an old product back to use, it would make the Earths environment healthier.

Taking scrap metal out of landfills, or directly from your home to your local recycling center, would generate over 130 metric tons of metal to be melted down and reused in new products. By reusing metal, we reduce the amount of virgin iron ore needed to make new products, therefore reduce mining; metal can be recycled multiple times without running the risk of losing its integrity or physical properties making it a reusable. This potentially would give a 86% reduction of air pollution and save 75% of energy from fossil fuels, in turn lowering the amount of greenhouse gases released into the air. Removing scrap from landfills will help get rid of any potential hazardous materials and creating more room for food wastes and non-recyclable plastics.

Not only does bringing your unused metals help the environment, it helps out your wallet. When bringing scrap metal in to your local junk yard, you would get paid by the pound for what you’ve brought in, prices vary and fluctuate according to the type of metal and the demand for supply.If you live in Arizona, the best are¬†Phoenix junk yards.¬†Nonferrous metals are without iron in it, it is more expensive because of rarity, you’ll fine it in items like: copper pipes, parts inside of air conditioners, cars, and much more!

recycleWhile ferrous metals are more common and cost less because of its iron contents, some nonferrous materials are very common, like aluminum and steel, so their monetary value is lower like a ferrous metal, so it’ll generally cost less, the way to determine which metal you have is to use a magnet, if the magnet sticks to the metal than it is ferrous. Remember, the value of each material depends on the market (supply and demand), the buyer (who you go to, to recycle), and your knowledge of the different types of scrap (ferrous/nonferrous, toxic/nontoxic, copper/zink, aluminium) the more you know about what your recycling the more money you could potentially make.